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RadyografiImages taken with a portable digital system are immediately transfered to the computer and the first examinations are performed on site.

In the recent years, digital radiography has become a key part of musculoskeletal examinations.

Joints, soft tissues and particularly bone tissue are monitored. This type of imaging allows us to detect whether there have been structural changes. It is not always possible to comment on the horse's health by means of only x-rays. Therefore, clinical examination and inspection in motion should be assessed along with radiological findings.

When drawing lameness and pre-purchase reports in particular, high quality images facilitate the path to diagnosis.

The advantages of portable digital x-ray are;

  • High quality images
  • Fast image transfer to the computer
  • Quick assessment capability in case of an emergency or suspected fracture
  • Easy long-term image storage without any damage to quality
  • Sharing over internet with colleagues for consultation purposes when necessary
RadyografiRadiological examination of the hock
RadyografiRadiological examination of the foot and pastern. For example; a lesion in the pedal bone is circled in red.
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