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AT İSTANBULVeterinary Clinic


We, as AT ISTANBUL Veterinary Clinic, are very glad of your visit.

We are a team striving to develop and popularize horsemanship and equine veterinary practice in our country. In the course of our work, our primary concern is to increase the Quality of Life of horses in Turkey. Within this framework, we monitor world-wide developments in equine healthcare through our foreign contacts - particularly in Germany – and our collaborative work.

Our Vision

  • A developed world where exist equine veterinarians who accept the cultural communication between the mankind and the horses that date back to the human history as a world heritage and preserve, survive and enrich it even more,
  • Where the humans touch the horse, find peace from it and give peace to horses by more one-to-one contact,
  • Where the diseases and injuries are prevented as much as possible; in cases when it is not succeeded, then where diagnosis is establish at the soonest and the horse is treated under the optimal conditions,
  • Where problems arising especially from riding, way of using and maintenance are no longer encountered and even unintentional maltreatment is fended off by awareness,
  • Where the horses are trained basing on the knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychology and nutrition; and the most appropriate environment and conditions are provided to get the highest efficiency,
  • Where equine veterinarians who know that each horse has different structural characteristics and has the awareness, knowledge and skill to find out the pros and cons caused by such conditions,
  • Where the human soul is further nourished by the energy that comes out from the communication made with the horses and the nature..

Our Mission

  • To treat the horses under the optimal conditions by diagnosing them at the soonest in case of a disease or injury.
  • To carry out the examinations in the path of diagnosis at the highest standards and rendering service of high quality by designating the best treatment strategies.
  • To organize seminars and trainings that are informative on conscious horse-riding, horse purchase and equine health in order to make horse-riding become more common in Turkey and to contribute to the global horse-riding by following the steps of our ancestors who have served for the development of horse-riding around the world at some certain eras in history.

Dr. med. vet. Semih Ersoy

  • Semih Ersoy was born in 1975, in Hamburg. At a young age, he started horse-riding at Istanbul Equestrian Club where he got involved in show jumping and was a member of the gold-medal winning Turkish young rider team at the Balkan Championships in 1992. Nursing an ever-increasing love and interest for the art of dressage in the meantime, Dr. Ersoy went on to become the National Dressage Champion in the Senior Riders Category in 1994.

    Thanks to his commitment to horses and horse-riding, this successful rider has chosen veterinary practice as his profession. After completing his undergraduate study at Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, he moved to Munich to start his doctorate in the fall of 2001. There, he started his academic studies as a doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Gerhards, head of department at Equine Hospital of Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and completed his doctorate in 2005.

    Thereafter, Dr. Ersoy has taken many exams in order to obtain permission to practice his profession as a veterinarian in Germany and the EU countries and has consequently managed to secure said permission. While he has been working mainly on musculoskeletal system disorders in horses in MaRhyThe-Systems Veterinary Department since 2005, Semih Ersoy has always remained actively involved in horse-riding since the first day he started riding horses.

    Ersoy founded At Istanbul Veterinary Clinic in February 2010, periodically visits Turkey and conducts his practice in Germany and Turkey concordantly.


    1. 1999 - Munich Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) Equine Hospital / Germany
    2. 2000 - University of Liverpool, Equine Hospital / England
    3. 2005 - Wolfesing Equine Clinic (Dr. Rüdiger Brems) / Germany
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